Thursday, April 14, 2016

Today I had a first with Amelia.

With my first born, Audrey, I breastfed exclusively but was not comfortable doing it any public setting. Our days were always planned around her feeding schedule. Outings were short, designated private nursing areas were mapped out and the backseat of our car was always my "emergency safe place" to nurse.   Now being a mom of two, I can't plan my day solely around one child's routine. Like before, I'm still uncomfortable with nursing in public. I'm scared of being confronted by someone who's offended or disgusted by the way I choose to feed my child. But I still choose to breastfeed. 

So before heading out to the park today, I fed Amelia. I hoped she could last until we got home but she couldn't. She's coming up on her three month growth spurt/cluster feeding phase and while at the park she woke hungry & angry (aka hangry). I got anxious and tried to hustle Audrey out of the park so we could head home. Home was a 30 min walk away... likely longer since Audrey sensed that I really wanted to leave & fast. Amelia was becoming more hangry by the second. Now I was faced with a choice. Either spend the next 30+ minutes pulling a toddler home while soothing a crying hungry baby or nurse in public. Really, I had to suck it up. Feeding my child shouldn't be a dilemma or anxiety provoking. 

Today I breastfed my child in public. This is a big deal for me, I did something that I was too afraid to do with my first daughter. It's also a sad accomplishment because regardless of how a mother chooses to feed her child there is always someone ready to tell her that she is doing the wrong thing. Whether you bottle or breastfeed, you are at risk of getting a dirty look, overhearing angry whispers or being shamed for how you feed your child. Mom shaming needs to stop. We are all trying to do what's best for our children, with all that we have. That should be enough.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Audrey has Arrived

It’s been just over three months since Audrey has decided to make her appearance.  The time from when she was born to now has flown by too quickly.  She is such a wonderful little girl.  So relaxed, happy and easy going… Of course I’ll be jinxing myself while sharing how lucky I’ve been to have a good baby.

Friday, November 30, 2012

My Newest Obsession


I'm a little late hopping onto the "Pinterest Ban-Wagon". However, I have become an addict.  Especially now that I'm going through this nesting stage that's well known in pregnancy. All I can think about is how to decorate the nursery and rearrange our home to accommodate the little one.    It seems crazy to think that the due date is less than 8 weeks away.

Thankfully Chris is done the construction season, so I have been making the "Hunny Do-List".  Or what he (jokingly) refers to as the "The Rift Between Us".  

The number one item on that list is the NURSERY. 

Originally I wanted the nursery to be "yoshi themed".  That adorable green dinosaur that Mario would ride on, big block trees and colourful mushrooms. But thanks to Pinterest I have become overwhelmed with adorable nursery ideas and started to second guess what I wanted. 

So keeping with that cartoon-feel and Yoshi Land colours, I have pinned a few of my favourite ideas and I can't wait to get started.  And by me, obviously I mean Chris...

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Geek Girl Problems

I leave the love of my life home alone for one weekend.  After I return from my weekend out of town and get around to logging on to the internet, there's a surprising a red box warning saying that we have used 100% of our 95 GB limit... Since this has never happened before, I call my internet provider to find out what was going on.  Apparently during his weekend alone, Chris, not only maxed out our internet usage but went over by 10 GB. 
He's such a geek, which obviously makes me one for loving him so much. 

Friday, November 23, 2012

No Longer the Fashionista

Even though I never considered myeslf a fashionista, I must admit that whatever style I did have has been fading over with my expanding body. Before getting pregnant, I imagined how my body would change and grow.   My dream was that all the weight gained would go to the baby bump and breast only.  And I would have that glow that is all too well known. 

Reality is never quite the same.

I try to keep in mind that we all have a warped self image.  That the changes I see happening to my body is not quite what others see.  It's been fairly easy to stay healthy through out the pregnancy because I'm sharing my body with someone so precious to me.  However, it has been hard keeping my Eating Disorder thoughts under control.  

Everything will be okay. 

Thankfully I have a good support system of family, friends and health professional who are understanding of my craziness and help me through the rough times.  


Plus, I know it sounds so superficial... But I'll be going shopping with a good friend today to buy a holiday dress that I can wear to my baby shower and a few other parties I am going to in the next month.  Even though I have been lucky to get a lot of hand-me-down maternity outfits and my mom spoiled me at the H&M Mama store.  A new outfit always seems to make me smile and feel good about my appearance.  

Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Long Time

For whatever reason I have found it hard to keep up with this blog.

Maybe I feel like I don't have much to say... 
Or maybe cause not much has been going on...

Chris and I have been mostly getting prepared for our new addition to the family.  Which is slow going because my energy levels have been really low through out this pregnancy.  Balancing a full time job and other responsibilities at home tends to take all that I have.  It's sad to admit that my bedtime is 9:00 p.m., if I'm lucky to make it that late.  

This weekend I have the family baby shower going on which will be a nice break.  It will be great to see family members that I only see a few times a year and to celebrate.  I'm especially looking forward to the celebration part since the last month has been consumed by a disaster DIY project of our only full-bathroom. 

That's all for now.

Hope whoever is out there has a wonderful Thursday.  

Friday, July 13, 2012

Only 20 Pounds

"You should only gain 20 pounds with a pregnancy" the not so wise advice my Obstetirician gave me. Initially I freaked out when I heard this because I was convinced that I had gained 10 pounds already in the first trimester. Thankfully I have good friends and family who were able to reassure me that it's okay to gain more than 20 pounds. Today I met up with my dietician for our monthly check in. She specializes in Eating Disorders and is the one I trust most when it comes to food and body weight. One of the things I enjoy about this check in is being weighed and plotted on a pregnancy map. It was today I found out I actually lost a kilogram. Not good but it was reassuring that I haven't gained 10 pounds like I originally thought. And she also was able to ease my mind more about the 20 pounds comment. The range for someone at my body weight about 25-35 pounds is normal to gain with pregnancy. But. If I follow my meal plan and stay healthy, my body will gained what is needed. Whether that's more or less than the healthy range recommended by my dietician. So to all the people who throw out a magic number of what a woman should gain with her pregnancy. My response will be that I respectfully disagree followed by a "shut up".
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