Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I DON'T do mornings

Nope, mornings are not for me. I'm getting into the bad habit of turning off my alarm then going back to sleep for an hour or more. Should I listen to my body and flex my work shedule for later days?

This morning started okay. I felt good and deserving enough to spend some extra time on my appearance. Which meant I actually applied my mineral make-up instead of the standard natural look. My skin is uber sensitive so I've been make-up free (except speacial occasions) for over a year. I'm going to try mineral make-up since it's apparently "so good for your skin". Maybe the light coverage will give me a boost needed for me ego.

The eight o'clock bus was early, therefore I missed it. So after a near ankle twisting jog to the bus stop, I decided to go back home to make a sandwich before the next bus.

Durning the sandwich making process I re-cut my finger. This past Friday I sliced my left index finger (on accident) then of course, as soon as it's almost healed, I slice the same spot. Ow! It definitely stung. So I nursed my wound and headed to the bus.

Half way there I realize that I don't have my freaking bus pass... So I go back. There it is beside that damn knife that has cut me twice. Urg. Thank goodness this bus was late. But I was fuming. Waiting in the bitter cold, my toes freezing and ear phones forgotten on my desk. Knowing that I won't have my tunes for today's commute SUCKS!!!

Topping it off is my work buddy passing me in her heated car, only to taunt! Apparently I looked as cold as I felt. Many curse words came out of my mouth.. She understood and waited before her evening shift to check on me, in person. Sometimes people can just sense when others need a hug.

Thankfully the day went fast and well. I indirectly apologized for my foul language. I plan on updating more when I get home.. Also catch up on peoples blogs. XO


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