Tuesday, May 8, 2012


It might not be sunny in Ottawa but back at home there's enough happiness waiting for me to feel like there's sunshine. Corny. I know.

Chris and I have been spending lots of time training, socializing and playing with our puppy. The results are showing. Our vet is surprised at how social and friendly our Shiba Inu is, especially when they have a reputation of being antisocial and protective of their owners. They also have a reputation of being "assholes" and even though Hojo has his moments, like when he choices to engage in selective hearing or ventures on the counter to eat the butter... he is overall a good dog. And already, we love him a lot.

We have been debating on signing up for obedience classes. But the two of us tend to have different views when it comes to "teaching a dog". Chris is more of a "Cesar Millan" and I'm more of the belief that love and cuddles will solve the bad-dog behaviours.... (but I shouldn't admit to that since it'll ruin my reputation as a Behaviour Technician).

Thankfully, I think we found a Dog School that takes a bit from both of our approaches. It would be fun to have Hojo well trained and to have the options of going for challenging classes like agility.

I can see it now... I'm going to be that crazy dog-lady from the movie, "Best in Show".


Shybiker said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

What a cutie! With the dogs I've had, I used your approach of love and cuddles. It worked out well. When your dog loves you back, he wants to please you so training him to behave in certain ways is easier than a tougher approach.

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