Saturday, September 11, 2010

Brain Dead from Florescent Lights

I've been a non-committal blogger.  There was no time this week to update y'all on what I've been up to... So here is a quick summary:

The work week just went by in a blur.  Whether it was the rainy weather or the florescent lights, I felt tired.  Before a staff meeting, I turned to a wonderful colleague of mine, just to inform her that  I was counting down untill nap time.  She giggled and nicely complimented me on my joke.  Sadly, I so was not kidding.  There was a 5 p.m. nap. 

Jaclyn's dad sent me these delicious peppers from his garden.  He really has a talent for growing yummy vegetables.  I have a talent for killing all plants that enter our home.  It's upsetting really, all death sentences I have given to undeserving flowers.  J's dad must teach me how to keep gardens alive.

Going to a university book store brought back unpleasant memories of how much text books cost.  Even though my parents were really kind to buy my books,  still those numbers on the receipt were worrisome.  I debated a friend's point that  sometimes texts are not used in class or that there are ones to borrow in the library. 

Buying the text book won out over fighting for the limited copies at the school's library.  

This coming week I will have my first class.  The back-to-school nerves have been building instead of fading over the past week.  I've enrolled into a class that sounds really interesting.  But studying was never a skill I performed well.  My attention span is way too short.  An example of that is my many hour plus long breaks from writing this entry. With studying, I'm concerned that I won't concentrate between the hours of work and other shit.   Urg...
Chris and I spent a pleasant evening with Momma C & family. A few nights later we caught up with his sister.   Tomorrow will be brunch with Mom, Dad & hopefully Ferris (the adorable pug).  There's very few family members that live in the same city.  So it's uncommon to have so many family gatherings in one week.

Resident Evil: Afterlife was awesome!  All the fans out there, go & see it!  I love the direction that they are going with the film series.  It's such an action-pack and exciting story.

There's less than two weeks until the big move.  Chris and I are both anxiously awaiting the day that we get to stop apartment living.  Most of our conversations surround the topics of renovations, landscaping, and decorating the new home.  It's so silly, but I'm addicted to the Home & Garden Network.  Does this make me old?  

We haven't begun to pack yet.  Most likely we will be spending a late night before the move, packing. & cleaning  That was our style the last move and I have a feeling it will happen this time too.  

So how do others usually sign off of these thing? ... Writing a blog is odd and confusing at times... Like, is there blog-etiquette? Does the closing line need to be witty or creative?  Hope all of you have a wonderful Saturday night! <3


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