Friday, September 17, 2010


So just used our combined nickname as a title.  Really can't think of anything else to call this post.  The nickname, JACKASH (all caps are necessary for this shit), was created by one of our friends who we met in the last year of high school.  He would be happy to see this post.  Even though we live 2 hours apart, getting together for lunch feels so natural.  

How unenthusiastic do I look about taking a picture with this beautiful new archway in China Town?  
It's really pretty but becomes so normal when you see it almost daily.

The panda poster was too cute for just one of us to take a picture in front of.  

A colleague at work mistakened Jaclyn as my sister.  It was cute. We do look fairly similar, however she has beautiful porcelain skin that many, including myself, envy.

I adore Raw Sugar.  
It`s adorable!  
The coffee is always so yummy.  
The atmosphere is so chill.  
And there`s always great old records playing.  

Wonder-Woman is a nice touch.

Red couch is just awesome.

Checkers is a fun distraction if you actually have an attention span.

This place is just so great.

Yes, that is an old school pager attached to my hip.  
Our lunch date ended with an introduction to "swap box", a mini-tour of my office and lollipops.  


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