Monday, September 20, 2010

Things I'll Miss

The big move is happening this week. Chris and I are barely packed but we don't have much so it's nothing to worry about. I will miss this apartment. Like all places you live in there are things that are special. 

5. Chinatown - Being across the street from the market always guaranteed fresh meat, veggies and those super hot but yummy red chili peppers.

4. Commute - It's only a 20 minute walk to work through interesting and beautiful Chinatown.  Walking is always my time to just relax. Taking the bus will be a bit of an adjustment. No more leaving the home for work whenever I please, there will have to be some routine to be able to catch the bus.

3. Downtown - Chris and I don't like to hit the bars all that often, but when we do walking or taking a short taxi is convenient.  There's always great festivals and concerts going on.  The best thing about where we live now is that we are surrounded by water: about a 10 minute walk to the Ottawa River and 15 to the canal. 

2. The View - We have a 16th story view of the downtown and Parliament.  It's beautiful.  Whenever there are concerts or fireworks, we have the best private balcony view. 

1. Disturbing the Peace - Not living in an apartment will mean that Chris and I can't annoy the neighbors with being obnoxiously loud.  The worst thing is we can't experiment with what can survive a 16 story drop.  Yesterday a rotten tomato exploded on the pavement.  I guess we will have to find other ways to express our juvenile urges.  Or we can grow up a little... (nahh, jk)


Jaclyn said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Well, when I move downtown you can come visit very often and relive living there.

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