Monday, October 4, 2010

Whatever Happened to the Curtesy Call?

If an appointment (non-urgent/private practice) was scheduled three months prior and was forgotten about... Am I really to blame?!...really? The days of reminder phone calls seem to be gone. I need to find one place to write important shit down. Sorry M., Physiotherapist! Didn't mean to be rude and not show.


I did something very selfish by asking my Manager to cut down on my hours at work.  The whole meeting was really anxiety provoking. My fears were to be rejected by my Manager also I'm admitting to the failure of multi-tasking.

It was getting to be too much: full time job which is emotionally and mentally draining, part time school, first time home owner of a "fixer-upper" and being a good partner to my Love. How could I juggle everything? do well? and get the needed rest/"me-time" in order to not go crazy?!  My Shrink (because I am a little bit crazy) recommended that I prioritize and make sure I am taking care of myself. So the solution is to try out only working 4 days a week.


Chris and I cleaned out the garage. It was a messy job. Messier then cleaning out the rain gutters and raking up all the tree needles and leaves in the backyard.  Which as a kid I remember leaf piles being fun and not full of bugs & soggy crap. The best part about doing home improvements is playing with sharp objects and power tools. Chris was kind enough to assign me to the task of taking apart/breaking down all the ruined wood and fence that was stored in the garage.

The end result was worth all the bumps, bruises, cursing, chemical high and sweat. There's a lot more room for us to play in. Well for Chris to play in and for me to do some of the assistance when needed.  It may not look like much, but we pulled out about two truck loads of crap.  Also, I have declared chemical warfare on all the creepy ass spiders crawling around in there. 

Doing physical work all day was exhausting.  My ass and legs killed!  Thank goodness it's Thanksgiving next weekend, so hopefully Chris won't have too many mini-projects planned... only feasting and being lazy. 

I can't wait for next weekend too, because I will get to see one of my best friends, Jaclyn, as a scary/possessed doll at Fort Fright.  Dolls are one of my irrational fears, so hopefully I don't piss myself at the horror night. 


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I already made some chick pee...your next mwahahaha. Ps i'm more of a clown then a doll =(

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