Monday, February 28, 2011

The Month of Love

I've never really liked the month of February...  the winter season is getting old and gray.  Warmer weather is strongly desired.  Last year my dislike for February took a whole different meaning to me. So this year I'm trying to make it a month that means something more positive.  

Just before Valentines Day rolled in, I proposed that bloggers share their love stories.  It was amazing to see all the stories.  The theme was "Firsts"... so it was anything and everything from first kiss, date, love and heartbreak. You can check out the story of my first kiss, but I must admit that it isn't technically my first kiss.  I think that dares and pushy boys don't make for romantic stories, this story is about the first kiss that I wanted and enjoyed.    

Love Stories

My beautiful mom left a comment of her love story, she wrote:  
"I don't blog and have no idea. I just like reading you blog. My first love is a love that has grown over the years. It started when I got married at what was considered a young age to my high school sweetheart. But this isn't my whole love story. This love continued to grow with each child that was born. It seems odd to say I am in love with one person. I am in love with the life we made together and the family we had. The love of my life is my family. My husband and my three children. I don't know how to seperate them and I don't want to. My heart swells with pride and joy when I think of each member of my family. Happy Valentines Day <3"

Kam from the Closet Narcassist posted the story about her first and true love.  It always amazes me when I hear stories about true love that started off in high school.  For a couple to go through so much growing and still be in love at the end of it says something about the strength of the relationship.

It warmed my heart when Jen from the Closet Narcissist posted about her loves and the importance of loving your self.   Anyone who reads her blog knows that Valentines Day can difficult so it was nice to see that she was up for posting.  I think that the message of self-love is so important and can be minimized by many people.  Including my self.  Self love is something that I struggle with, and one of the reasons why I really enjoy reading the Closet Narcissist.  Jen & Kam are both very beautiful people.

The very fashionable Em from Tinfoils Tiaras shared a funny first date story.  It's always fun to share the horrors and hilarity of dating with friends.  Oh, and I got to learn a new word, which was crustashe, thanks goodness she linked it because I would have never guessed what it was.

The adorable little lady from Peace Love Lauren posted about her very first Valentines Day as a married woman. A later post she talks more about her first Valentines Day with the hubby.  This couple is too cute and obviously in love.

One of my best friends, Krista, took a stroll down memory lane and shared a story about one of her first dates.  In high school I remember her telling bits and pieces of the story but never the whole thing all together.   It was nice to read the whole story and giggle a bit.  Really, it's okay to giggle because she has loads more stories on me that would make her & others giggle too. 

The very beautiful Justyna from Chichichic told a very funny story of her first kiss.  It's always great too look back on childhood memories and laugh about how silly we could be or how we can fall for certain tricks. She later shares about her first slow dance

Jaclyn wrote about her first Valentines gift and another Valentines story.  If I was her friend back when she got her first Valentines gift, the mean boy who acted like a jerk would have gotten an ass kicking from moi.  No one is mean to Jaclyn without having to deal with the wrath of her BFF. 

A blogger friend, Sweden, left a comment on the proposal post answering all the questions.  I really appreciated her honesty in sharing her love stories.  Her confessions were very interesting and I enjoyed learning more about her. 

Thank you to everyone who shared <3


aliciafashionista said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Though I love love, I love a love story even more!!!!! Wish I'd seen the concept of firsts, I think I have a few posts about that somewhere. I'll have to catch up on all the other stories. PS your bangs look ahhhmazing Ashelle xoxo

Tinfoils Tiaras said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I loved reading everyone's love stories and glad I could help to educate :) Your Mum's love story is beautiful- it's so special when a couple makes it through thick and thin! Can't wait for Thurs night!

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