Saturday, April 16, 2011

Revisions Needed, Please.

Texting back & forth with a new friend on a Saturday night has inspired me to get my lazy ass off the couch and do some things that I have been wanting to do for awhile.  Yes, I should be studying for a so-called "final"... but that kind of thing can wait until the morning.  After my brain has had the proper rest it needs to intake Forensic shit.  Playing on the computer is something that happens late at night.  

{jumper - Dynamite / elephant necklace - Forever 21 / pearl & gold chain necklace - Dynamite}

Now what kind of changes am I referring to?  Blog changes... of course.  I've been thinking and writing often about making changes but never actually defining what those changes are.  Blog changes are easy to focus and define at this moment, so that's what I'm going with. Currently my blog is anything and everything... and I don't think I'll change that.  What I'm thinking is more of the set-up and design change.  A way to organize the different topics.  I can appreciate that some people just want to see pictures or the fashion posts while not having to read about me weeping over the keyboard.  Also, I would like an easier way to add links to other blogs or specific posts... especially with some super secretive and exciting projects coming up. 

There's some ideas up in this crazy head of mine... But during the next week or two please bare with the changes and blunders you may see here.  And, please, if you have any suggestions... leave a comment or send off an email.  

That's it for now.  This computer geek is off to google formatting shit and probably send off frantic emails to helpful friends whenever I screw up.  Hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday night. xo


Shybiker said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I've been thinking about doing the same thing but don't know how. I'll watch you and, if I like your changes, maybe you'll teach me what you did. Good luck!

Ashelle said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Shybiker Of course I'll help out any way I can. Right now I'm playing with pages (on the top tool bar of my blog). Most likely each will present a different side of me. Links and summaries to specific labels. Let me know what you think and suggestions. But most likely cause of my final exam, I won't get much done until Tues evening/ Wed.

Tinfoils Tiaras said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I loved my Forensic Uni classes- I hope your exam went well! I love this outfit on you- very Sex and the City! I'm looking to add some buttons to my blog- let's see if I can figure it out! :d

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